Hunting lodge decor or deer antler decoration wanted?

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We offer the perfect furniture or decoration for your alpine hut, hunting lodge and chalet. Whether simple or luxurious with us you get exactly what you want. We have many years of experience and reliable partners to give your four walls a homey flair. Hunting lodge furnishings can be bought in various stores, but for your chalet feeling it should not be a mass product. It should be unique to conjure up the right Alpine flair. But what makes the right combination to conjure up this feeling of security and relaxation? Quite simply, a lot of wood, fur and wool give the chalet look. If you choose these elements when decorating your home and combine them with natural colors and alpine living accessories, you will create a homey atmosphere that may occasionally seem like you are in a mountain hut in the Alps.
Modernes Chalet mit Hirschgeweihluster von OH MY DEER
Customized furnishings from US for YOU!

Chalet style in trend

Never before has the trend of home accessories gone so much to the chalet style. The awareness of living in harmony with nature and escaping from the stress of everyday life to relax in the comfort of one's own home is a major contributor to this. Another important fact that leads to this development is that more and more people realize what diversity antler decoration offers. It has long since ceased to be the goal to display one's hunting trophies, but rather to create a harmonious overall image.
Couchtisch mit Zwischenablage und Geweih von OH MY DEER
We offer you the all-round carefree package and are a reliable partner to fulfill your wishes!

Furnishings for the alpine hut or hunting lodge

With us it does not matter for what purpose you need furnishings. Whether luxurious chalet, traditional hunting lodge or for your rental apartment we manufacture all items according to your ideas and wishes. Because it is not important in which premises our deer antler products are located. What counts is what our products are supposed to do. You should be able to identify with it and make your home special and unique. To ensure this, all our products are unique and handmade. Thus, each room gets the desired alpine look and thus becomes an oasis of well-being.

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