Buy high quality traditional costume bags -> but where?

The question of which supplier you can buy a handmade traditional bag is often asked. But for the most part, these high-quality traditional costume bags are offered by only a few manufacturers and are mass-produced. But the Austrian manufactory OH MY DEER is the specialist for custom-made products. So we also produce exclusive traditional costume bags from the material felt, loden, hunter's linen, cotton and leather,. These handbags, like our antler furniture, are made by us on demand and can be customized to your specifications. So the material and finish can be customized to your wishes and the bag of your imagination can be made for you.

This specimen used the fabric loden and hunter's linen. Handmade, this bag was refined by a deer motif by hand printing. We can also gladly add initials to our bags to make a personalized bag for you. Real horn antler clasps round out the traditional design. We are also happy to accommodate your wishes and make a bag to match your dirndl. Colors as well as motifs can be matched to your clothing and so we create not just a bag, but YOUR traditional bag.

  • Tell us your wishes

    You send us a message and tell us your wishes. You are also welcome to send us pictures illustrating your ideas.
  • We create an offer for you

    After receiving your message, we will contact you as soon as possible and clarify any ambiguities. After we have reviewed your ideas we will provide you with a non-binding offer.
  • The production of your handmade bag begins

    If you agree with our offer, we will send you an order confirmation. After that, we will start manufacturing your traditional bag as soon as possible. Of course, we will always keep you informed about the status of the production and are always available for further questions.
  • Transmission of pictures of the manufacturing

    If necessary, we will send you pictures of your bag before shipping to make sure we have interpreted your wishes correctly.
  • Shipping is prepared

    Provided that the costume bag meets your expectations, it will be prepared for shipment. Due to our many years of experience and worldwide shipping, our felt handbags are packed so that they arrive undamaged.
  • Final contact

    After you receive your felt bag, we will check if you are satisfied with our service. In other words, we will contact you to make sure that your bag has arrived undamaged and that everything meets your expectations. Only when everything is to your satisfaction do we consider the job complete. This approach is very well received by our customers and that is what makes us, the manufactory OH MY DEER.

The process of creation of our traditional costume bags

We make any traditional bag by hand and we attach great importance to quality and workmanship. From the planning of the pattern to individual wishes, your ideas are implemented in the best possible way

Unique and one of a kind

Every template and every detail is meticulously prepared and cut.

The processing

Each seam is processed in the purest handwork. The allows us to create the perfect color match to your outfit.

Precision is a must

Important part of our bags is the quality. Here we attach importance to clean and precise processing.

The attention to detail

Our products are made with a lot of commitment and passion. This is what distinguishes our traditional costume bags and this is what our customers appreciate.

By hand instead of from the assembly line

Each rivet and screw is placed by hand. Our goal is to create unique pieces that inspire you.


Desired designs are made for you and implemented by screen printing, or cut as felt and applied to the bags.

Customization is our passion

We strive to realize any wishes for you and thus create a unique felt traditional bag for you.

Made in Austria

Particularly in times of globalization, there is always recourse to low-cost production in third countries. We want to counteract this trend with our products together with you as our customers.

Do you want to buy a traditional bag?

We would be happy to make you a unique traditional bag. Simply contact us using the contact form and tell us your wishes. You are also welcome to browse through our impressions and be inspired by the models. We will be happy to advise you and can also make suggestions for the perfect bag to go with your dirndl. We look forward to hearing or reading from YOU.

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