Epoxy resin floor coating from Upper Austria

The question of which supplier you can buy epoxy floor coating is often asked. There are many areas of application, but relatively few domestic suppliers. As an Austrian supplier based in Upper Austria, we are your contact for the material epoxy. Not only are we suppliers of epoxy furnishings and designer tables, but we also offer epoxy floor coatings for your garage, industrial floors or YOUR living space. We design your floor and make it an eye-catcher, which not only convinces by its appearance, but also convinces by its quality.

This designer epoxy resin floor coating adorns our workshop and can of course be inspected by you by appointment. This coating is also a good indication of how durable epoxy floors are.

This designer floor is driven on daily by forklifts and is exposed to high loads. These adverse conditions despite the coating but without problems and WE are happy to convince YOU on site of the quality.

Why WE?

  • Fair prices
  • A company with handshake quality
  • No limits in colors and finishes
  • Customer satisfaction is a top priority
  • Serious advice and competent support
  • Free initial meeting possible by appointment
  • Austrian company with decades of experience
  • YOUR partner for the living area, outdoor area and industry
  • Tell us your wishes

    You send us a message and tell us your wishes. You are also welcome to send us pictures illustrating your ideas.
  • Tell us the initial situation

    Tell us what your initial situation is. Is it an existing floor that may be refined by us, or are you just realizing YOUR dream house and want to beautify the living space. If a new building is planned, we can give you tips for the right screed to make the epoxying of the floor afterwards as easy as possible.
  • Tell us the desired area and use

    Should the coating be applied indoors or outdoors? Can we design your living space, or is it an industrial project that must meet high standards (such as forklifts and heavy loads)?
  • We create an offer for you

    After receiving YOUR message, we will contact you as soon as possible and clarify any ambiguities. After we have checked your ideas we will make you a non-binding offer to realize YOUR dream project.
  • On site visit

    If you agree with our offer, an on-site inspection will of course take place. Not only to get to know us personally, but also to check again whether all YOUR wishes can be realized by us.
  • Completion and realization of YOUR dream floor

    Provided you are happy with us and WE are allowed to work together to realize your dream project, work will begin on site and YOUR designer floor will be just a stone's throw away.
  • Final contact

    As already mentioned, a main focus is to put a smile on the face of our customers and sparkling eyes is our greatest reward. That is why, of course, after the curing process of about 7 days, we will inspect again with you TOGETHER the living space and completed designer floor. Only when SHE is satisfied do WE consider our work complete.

Epoxy resin floor coating procedure

This project is aspired by many and there are also many instructions for this. But we advise you not to do this project on your own. After all, it is not easy to pour an epoxy resin floor yourself without having gained a necessary level of experience. In order to achieve a satisfactory result, many factors have to be taken into account and a comprehensive knowledge of the epoxy resin material is necessary in order to be able to produce a unique floor. In the following, we will explain important factors or components to make an epoxy resin floor coating. To obtain a beautiful epoxy resin floor important to consider these factors. But this is only possible if you have the necessary experience. We will be happy to cast a unique epoxy resin floor for you. You can rely on our experience to achieve the best results and get the epoxy resin floor you want.

The epoxy resin

Is essential to the success of your project. It is very important which resin you use. An incorrect epoxy resin would cause the floor to crack and the resin to discolor after a period of time. It can go so far that the surface that was poured with resin breaks, or turns yellowish. Bubbling within the resin can also be caused by an inferior product.

The room temperature

To achieve a perfect result, the room temperature during processing plays a role. If this is not ideal, it negatively influences the curing process of the resin. Consequently, the floor will not achieve the desired hardness.


Important component of the epoxy resin floor coating is the surface finish. The floor must not have any loose components. Given this must be sanded and then thoroughly cleaned.

Priming the floor

If the floor has not been sealed, it must be impregnated before the actual coating. This impregnation is always recommended by us to achieve an even result.

May WE realize your epoxy resin floor coating or YOUR dream floor?

We would be happy to cast you a unique designer epoxy resin floor. Simply contact us using the contact form and tell us your wishes. We will be happy to advise you and can also suggest the perfect epoxy resin floor for your four walls. We look forward to hearing or reading from YOU.

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