Buy epoxy table, but where?

The question of which supplier you can buy an epoxy resin table is often asked. But for the most part, these unique tables are offered only by manufacturers in America. But the Austrian manufactory OH MY DEER is the specialist for custom-made products. Thus, we also produce unique furniture from the material epoxy. Tables with epoxy resin are made by us, as well as our antler furniture, on request and can be customized to meet your needs.

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We can make you any table model in almost any size and design. Since our products are unique, individual consultation is required. That is why we are turning away from the traditional webshop (click and buy). We await your inquiry via contact form (at the bottom of each product page) and will then provide you with an individual offer and advice.

This epoxy wood table is a prime example of an epoxy table. In this specimen, wood and crystal clear epoxy resin were combined to create a coffee table. Of course, this coffee table was made at the request of the customer and so his individual wishes were implemented. The table should represent a river with with waterfall. Epoxy paint was used to implement the desire as vividly as possible. Of course, this epoxy table could also use a red coloring and thus be an illustration for lava. There are no limits to the imagination here. Likewise, a table base in matte black would be very fitting for an epoxy lava table.

  • Tell us your wishes

    You send us a message and tell us your wishes. You are also welcome to send us pictures illustrating your ideas.
  • We create an offer for you

    After receiving your message, we will contact you as soon as possible and clarify any ambiguities. After we have reviewed your ideas we will provide you with a non-binding offer.
  • The manufacturing of your epoxy table begins

    If you agree with our offer, we will send you an order confirmation. After that, we will start manufacturing your epoxy furniture as soon as possible. Of course, we will always keep you informed about the status of the production and are always available for further questions.
  • We constantly send you pictures

    An essential part of our company philosophy is to always involve our customers with pictures in the production. Because you can buy an epoxy table from other manufacturers, but OH MY DEER stands for close customer contact and YOUR satisfaction is our passion.
  • End of manufacturing

    Before the final work is done on your epoxy table, we will send you pictures of your table again. Only when you are satisfied with the result, the final work is done. If we have not implemented your wishes to your satisfaction, we will of course make changes, or if necessary make a new table for you. This also sets us significantly apart from other providers. We do not sell stock items, we sell only UNIKATE made for you.
  • Shipping is prepared

    If the epoxy table meets your requirements, it will be prepared for shipment. Due to our many years of experience and worldwide shipping, our epoxy resin furniture is packed to ensure that it arrives to you undamaged.
  • Final contact

    After you receive your epoxy table, we will check again to make sure you are satisfied with our service. In other words, we will contact you to make sure that your epoxy furniture has arrived undamaged and that everything meets your expectations. Only when everything is to your satisfaction do we consider the job complete. This approach is very well received by our customers and that is what makes us, the manufactory OH MY DEER.

Epoxy resin table build yourself

This project is aspired by many and there are also many instructions for this. But we advise against this project. After all, it is not easy to make an epoxy table yourself. In order to achieve a satisfactory result, many factors have to be taken into account and a comprehensive knowledge of the material epoxy resin is necessary to be able to produce a unique table. Below we will explain important factors or components to make an epoxy table. To make a beautiful epoxy table it is important to consider these factors. But this is only possible if you have the necessary experience. We will gladly manufacture an epoxy resin table for you. You can rely on our experience to achieve the best results and get the epoxy table you want.

The epoxy resin

Is essential for a stable and beautiful table. It is very important which resin you use. The wrong epoxy resin would cause the table to crack and the resin to discolor after a period of time. It can go so far that the surface that was poured with resin breaks, or turns yellowish. Bubbling within the resin can also be caused by an inferior product.

The room temperature

To achieve a perfect result, the room temperature during processing plays a role. If this is not ideal, it negatively influences the curing process of the resin. Consequently, the table one of its stability will not achieve the desired result.

The humidity of the wood

Important component of our tables is also the material wood. To achieve an excellent result, it is important that the wood has the right moisture content. Only then does the epoxy resin bond perfectly with the raw material and become extremely stable and break-resistant. If this factor is not taken into account, the epoxy resin will detach from the wood after some time.

Heat development during curing

It is important not to apply too much epoxy in one step. This is because the two-component resin reacts chemically with the hardener and generates heat. This can result in excessive heat being generated if the total amount of resin is too high. The result is large bubbles and an unsightly appearance. However, this point is also strongly dependent on the selected resin. Different epoxy resins also have different heat generation during curing.

Do you want to buy a table with epoxy resin?

We would be happy to make you a unique epoxy resin table. Simply contact us using the contact form and tell us your wishes. You are also welcome to browse through our impressions and be inspired by the models. We will be happy to advise you and can also suggest the perfect epoxy table for your four walls. We look forward to hearing or reading from YOU.

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