OH MY DEER - Who are we?

We are a family business that has been making any item from antler for many years. In our manufactory in Austria unique pieces are made from real antlers. We always pay attention to excellent workmanship and quality.

Since the demand for our decorative products, antler lamps and antler furniture is constantly increasing, we have specialized in custom-made products. In other words, you tell us what you want and we implement it for you.

Through our years of cooperation with various architects, carpenters and restaurateurs, we have been able to build up a very high level of professionalism and domain knowledge regarding the raw material antler. Because, as in other areas, experience and consistency are the keys to success.

That are WE

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Deer and OH MY DEER - How are they connected?

OH MY DEER is a play on words based on the English saying "Oh my dear" which means "Oh my goodness". The play on words here lies in the word "DEER" which means deer in the English speaking world and is pronounced the same as the word "DEAR".

What you should know about US

Why do we only use drop rods?

The reason is very simple. Every deer, roe deer, elk, reindeer, basically every game with antlers produces a new headdress every year. This becomes more imposing every year and serves primarily to impress the females and to compete with other conspecifics. Especially in the rut, deer fight with their antlers against each other to acquire the favor of female deer. After this dangerous period, during which, unfortunately, injuries occur again and again, the stag or deer sheds its antlers.This usually happens in the period from autumn to winter, depending on the type of game. After shedding the antlers, this cycle begins anew. This means that it is not necessary to harm an animal for our products. Usually the antlers grow larger every year and get more ends. At these ends and the thickness of the antlers is also measured their value. So you can say that the bigger and heavier the drop poles are, the more expensive the antlers are. Thus, the price of tables or the like is also more expensive than that of candlesticks.

What moves us to make antler decoration?

Quite simply, antler is a natural product and it is a renewable resource, which does not cause environmental damage. That is why we have made it our business to make objects from drop rods. We want to show that antlers are more than a hunting relic from the last century. Of course, it is not always easy to make furniture or decorative products from antlers, because each antler was formed by nature and has a different shape. But that is exactly what makes each product unique and special.If you are curious about our antler products, you are welcome to browse all of our products.